R&G 3rd Eye provides one stop solution for Textile and Garment Industry. We are local partner of Chinese reputed textile, garment and shoe based consultancy firm is called “Zhejiang Provincial-Subordinate Architectural Design Institute, founded in April 1956, previously named as Zhejiang Provincial Textile Architectural Design Institute. This is one of the first nine Class-A units of textile engineering design and consultation approved by Ministry of Construction of the People’s Republic of China. We are focusing exclusively in high quality and cost ­ effective design and implementation of solutions. We are advancing on at remind our space with involve met of skilled and experienced people working in the organization. We are also local partner of Chinese renowned consultant Mr. Wang Bao Sheng and his company “Tian Gong Kai Wu” which is especially working in Textile, Garment and Shoe consultancy in China, Vietnam, Bangladesh and other countries. 

The company has serviced more than 300 large-and-medium-sized projects over these years, including EPZs, EIPs, CETPs, Textile and Garment factories of China, Vietnam, Bangladesh. We have worked in improving productivity, cost saving, planning and supply chain management and won more than 100 awards. This organization also gives training to business entrepreneurs and organization about business improvement and expert administrations in building up their ability especially in productivity, growth and skills for taking care of these issues and help the organization to progress.

Our vision is to be the main substance for creating undertakings alongside HR through the production and dependable participation with the arrangement of a high caliber and explicit preparing, improvement, and consulting services.