“R&G 3rd Eye is a results-driven Chinese knowledge-based consultancy firm that specializes in the textile, 
RMG, and shoe industries. The firm has over 120 experts in its Bangladesh office, and its Chief Inspiration 
Officer, MD Mahbubur Rahman who has studied and work in China around 10 years & has experienced in 
various department of Textile, RMG and shoe industry and MD. Emam Hossen (CEO) has more than 15 years 
of experiences in the textile and garment consultancy. The company has a proven record of improving client 
satisfaction, productivity, and profitability by maximizing efficiency in man, machine, material, and method. 
The top management of the firm is also involved in community service and has experienced in training at 
various institutions. 
The firm provides services to Knit Garment factories, Woven Garment factories, Spinning, Knitting, 
Weaving, Dyeing mills and Shoe industries to develop their HR-Admin, Internal Audit & Control System, 
Store management, Accounting system, Planning & Supply Chain Management, Marketing/Merchandising 
department, IE Methodologies, Tools & Techniques, Fabric Quality Improvement & Savings, Cutting 
Department, Production Management System, Quality Assurance, Finishing Department and Management 
Information System. 
The working procedure begins with diagnosing the factory, presenting a work plan, conducting a SWOT 
analysis, implementing development ideas, providing training, holding weekly/monthly progress meetings, 
creating a follow-up team from the factory people, implementing necessary policies to sustain the 
development and finally handing over the project with proper guidelines. A full time team will be responsible 
on behalf of R&G Third Eye for conducting the assignment and the team will be formed after finalizing the 
scope of work. The project in charge of R&G Third Eye and his associates from different departments will be 
engaged full-time in conducting the assignment. The project in charge and Chinese Consultants will work 
on and off-site as required. 
The 3rd Eye team has ensured clients to establish good culture, increase productivity, reduce costs, and 
improve quality, and establish a system for monitoring production performance, staff performance, and 
profitability analysis.