Our team’s experience and collaborative approach allows us to offer you a completely differentiated engagement. In fact, we try to make our solutions as unique as your business. This is what sets us apart:

1. Experienced team

MD Mahbubur Rahman is the Founder and Chief Inspirational Officer at R&G 3rd Eye Consultancy Firm in Bangladesh, with over Ten years of experience in the field of Consultancy, Quality control, Merchandising, Fabric testing, talent acquisition and management, learning and development, training, and strategic business planning and 
In his 10 years living in Shanghai, he has studied MSc in Clothing Engineering with full government scholarship in Chinese medium from very renowned University called Donghua University , previously 
called China Textile University which is the best Textile University in China. He has also got full scholarship for his PhD and studied three years, unfortunately he couldn’t able to complete it due to 
Covid-19 and other business issues. He has worked for two multinational brands in various positions, one is called Gerry Weber which is Germany’s 3rd largest ladies fashion brand and another one call Herma which is Switzerland based 
In addition, Md Mahbubur Rahman has participated in various workshops, training sessions, and conferences, including the prestigious "The 15th Asian Textile Conference & the 9th China Textile Academic Conference," where he served as a guest speaker. 
MD Mahbubur Rahman is passionate about community service and has been involved in various social work activities. He has served as a Resident Advisor for foreign students at Donghua University and 
was awarded the Excellent Social Work Award as well. He is a member of the Rotary Club and Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB). 
Besides, MD Mahbubur Rahman is a skilled educator and has experienced teaching at various institutions in China and Bangladesh. He trained over 20k people last 5 years. He has advanced knowledge in Chinese language Reading, Writing & Speaking. He has also taught Chinese language at Southeast University in Bangladesh through a collaboration with Shandong Vocational College of 
Light Industry in China. He is trying to guide Bangladesh Textile, RMG and Shoe industries to sustain their business and develop their human resources so that they can continue their company’s growth. 

Chargles Yin is senior consultant of R&G 3rd Eye. As a college student in the late 1983, Charles Yin  was assigned to the state-owned unit of Lianyungang, Decent and leisurely work can't keep his dream of flying high. In 1993, Charles Yin resolutely resigned, went south to Guangzhou and applied to TRISTATE group, known as the "Huangpu Military Academy in the garment industry" successively serving as 
equipment director, it software engineer and Manager. In 1998, he participated in the first project to introduce the Toyota mode into the 
garment enterprise in China. He studied and explored diligently from Toyota Japanese experts, kept Improving, and led the team to successfully introduce the lean production management in to the enterprise. His excellent performance was highly valued by the company's leaders. 
In 2010, He came Into contact with a book on bottleneck limitation theory "goal" written by godrat, founder of TOC, and suddenly opened his eyes, creating a precedent for the perfect combination of lean + TOC. Inspired by TOC's goal, Charles Yin has developed a U- shaped light control intelligent assembly line with management thinking by using his university automation professional foundation, plus three years of software development and more than ten years of knowledge and experience. He organically combines TOC's bottleneck restriction theory with lean method. Once the product is launched, it has won unanimous praise from customers, Compared with the effective counseling method in the past three months, the efficiency of the assembly line has been greatly improved after installation, and it can be effective in one week. Its simple, efficient and standard characteristics also completely pet rid of the high dependence on IE and management skills, so that ordinary factories can easily enter the track of lean production management 

2. Industry Expertise and Network

We make it a point to encompass our coverage across all aspects of consumption and continuously track consumer and industry trends in the following segments: 1.Textile and apparel 2. Fabric quality and Savings 3.Planning &Supply Chain Management 4.Accounts &Finance Audit

3. Cross Spectrum Experience

For our international clients, we offer end to end services starting from market understanding to strategy development to partner search.

Starting from identification of attractive sector, to specific investment opportunities, to business due diligence to strategic advisory to invested companies, we offer full suite of solutions for PE funds.

3rd Eye works with a number of Central and State Government bodies like Ministries, Export Promotion Councils, Investment Promotion Boards, Trade Councils, Research Associations & Institutes and Industry Federations etc. on a broad range of engagements.